New book was released by  Text Publishing on January 28th 2018. This cover is fantastic – thank you Sandy Cull at gogoGinko, a great job – and the story’s not too bad either. 




Sandy also did the Australian Siddon Rock cover, in 2009, and I love how the different world views are demonstrated between young Australia, on left, and old Europe, on right:


Australian edition, Random House Vintage imprint, 2009.  Jokey cover design by Sandy Cull who used colours of the landscape.

The Italian version, Miraviglia, Reggio Emilia, 2013. Cover design by Simone Forte who chose to show the dark side of the story.

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    1. Hi Sue – thanks for asking, but not this time. Magical realism was a great tool to tell the story of a town; it allowed various voices to be heard and showed was was under the surface of that place.
      A Week in the Life of Cassandra Aberline is the internal journey of one woman looking for answers to something she did, when she was aged around twenty, that has defined her life.
      Two very different stories that needed different ways to tell them. Even so, I hope you enjoy Cassie’s story. Do let me know.
      Cheers – Glenda Guest


  1. Hello Glenda. I enjoyed Siddon Rock immensely and as an artist, it inspired me to subjectively interpret elements of the novel. I am still exploring these elements. I’d love to give you the opportunity to see what I am doing, but I don’t want to impose my art on you. But if you’d like a glimpse you could email me on and I could attach an image. I hope this doesn’t sound too weird.


  2. Hi Glenda,
    Would you be interested in coming to our library in Nowra for an author talk. I would be happy to discuss further.
    Robin Sharpe
    Digital Resources Manager
    Shoalhaven Libraries
    Nowra, NSW, 2541


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